Official Name Boba Fett`s Slave I
Movie The Empire Strikes Back
Airfix kit was available from 1983 to 1985
Airfix kit number 910178
Scale about 1/85
Number of parts 47

Box still sealed in its original shrink wrap

Photo by Billyboystoys

Kit features moveable stabilizers and a small Boba Fett figure in its cockpit. Figure of Han Solo frozen in carbonite is also included.
Finished model is 26 cm (10.25 inches) long x 23 cm (9 inches) wide.


• This Airfix kit is reissue of MPC kit number 1-1919.

Gallery: Box and its contents

Box from another angle

Unused parts, instruction sheet
and Airfix flyer

Sealed parts and
instruction sheet

Gallery: Other variants and brands

Besides Airfix, this kit was produced by MPC (USA) and AMT/ERTL (USA).

MPC kit
from 1982

from 1995

from 2005

Gallery: Finished models

Model in horizontal position

Contributed by Wolfgang Danner

Model in vertical position on a stand

Contributed by Wolfgang Danner

Figure of Han Solo
frozen in carbonite

Contributed by Wolfgang Danner

Model with some

Contributed by
Jean-François Pagé

Model with some modifications

Contributed by Dave Foster

Top view

Contributed by Dave Foster

View from the back

Contributed by Dave Foster

Back view

Contributed by Allen B. Ury

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